Wedding Rings HEART CIPHERS 2

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Three Colors 14K Gold

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Width6mm MEN; 6mm WOMAN
Stamp of gold585 (14k)
Weight of stones0,07ct
Stone / StonesDiamonds
Time of shipping7-14 days in Poland (when in another country 14-31 days)
ATTENTION !When choice cash on delivery you have to pay 300 euro in advance.
Engraving inside the ringsFOR FREE !

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 Wedding rings HEART CIPHERS 2

Engagement Rings HEART CIPHERS with yellow and white gold It's really eye-catching, beautiful and tasteful jewelry items. Wedding jewelry of this class is really beautiful and stylish and even spectacular. These rings look phenomenal, which is also emphasized by diamond-studded women's rings that run around the woman's ring, at equal intervals of 10 items. They emphasize the beauty of a woman's hand and adorn it with its splendor. These wedding rings are so fantastic that they do not let you forget about this most important day, the day when the newlyweds create their little community for life. They are made of 585 gold. They are flat from the outside. They have an extraordinary, effective shape and dimension. Because they are quite wide - they have 6mm, they look majestic, dazzling and effective. They are therefore an apt symbol of reaching for the best things in life, achieving together great goals, gaining the world, developing in harmony and harmony. A fantastic start in an exclusive edition! In addition, for the convenience and comfort of our clients, the inner surface of the rings is profiled lenses.

A lens shaped rings inside:

With years of experience in the jewelry industry, in Sundiamore we came to the conclusion that virtually any device jewelry worn on the fingers should be not only effective but also comfortable to wear and does not cause any side effects after prolonged use. That's why we offer wedding rings are lenticular finish inner surface. Below is a picture that aims to show what we mean lenticular la profiling the inner surface of the rings, which directly touches the skin and has continual contact with her.

The advantages of lens rings:

Thanks to the inner surface of the rings is lenticular, the skin is not exposed to scorch. The air enters the space between the skin and the wedding ring and thus feel the unprecedented comfort and convenience at the same time wear. Some people have the custom of wearing wedding rings constantly, even during sleep. Therefore rings ordered Sundiamore are the safest and most appropriate choice, because they have good design and perfect shape for comfort at all times.

The most common question concerning the lens rings is: "if there is a risk that it will fall from the finger?" Of course, it happens that from time to time someone loses wedding ring, but this is usually a traditional wedding ring, flat inside. It really is a sad event for the bride and groom. This is because the flat rings inside have sharp edges, so when a pair of measuring guided the discomfort created when setting up the traditional wedding rings. Our wedding rings are smooth while the edges and do not cause irritation when setting up and wear so customers usually decide on the size that is right for them ideal for a comfortable wear. That is why we careful attention to the preparation of size. Additionally, we offer a free service to resize for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Why rings Sundiamore?

  • The wedding rings are made with the utmost care according to the best quality standards.
  • The wedding  rings are lenticular finish inner surface, which guarantees an incredible comfort to  wear and use.
  • The wedding rings are tested and hallmarked by State Assay Office and thus confirmed their attempt gold.
  • Changing the size of the rings will be possible even 10 years from the date of purchase
  • completely free of charge. Also engraving inside the wedding date and names - for free!
  • We send them to you in a beautiful wooden box with leather interior.


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Wedding Rings HEART CIPHERS 2

Wedding Rings HEART CIPHERS 2

Three Colors 14K Gold

Quantity 1 means one pair.