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Stamp of gold585 (14k)
Time of shipping7-14 days in Poland (when in another country 14-31 days)
ATTENTION !When choice cash on delivery you have to pay 100 euro in advance.

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Gold Rosary for finger

This rosary is universal, chooses both men and women. It contains eloquent religious symbolism and, like all our gold products, it is made in a sample of 585. We have made every effort to make it an excellent product to meet all the requirements for this kind of jewelry. It is impressive and beautiful at the same time it is not striking as an object related to spirituality and religion. Its design is a discreet combination of jewelery elegance and object of worship. Reliability, subtlety and the spirit element in one beautiful rosary are the main features of this jewelery product.

Advantages of Sundiamore rings

They are made with the utmost care taking into account the latest goldsmith technology. Attention to every detail and quality of the materials used gives 100% satisfaction. Everything has been done in Poland, examined and marked by the State Assay Office.

Most of the offer is available AT ONCE, so if you would like to receive our product within 72 hours, please contact us by phone or email.


    The ring is made with the utmost care according to the best quality standards.

    The ring is examined by the State Assay Office and its gold test is confirmed by special micro stamp inside the ring.

    The change of the ring size is guaranteed even 10 years after the date of purchase completely free of charge.

    You receive it in an elegant package with a receipt or invoice.


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