Your terms and conditions of use


§1. Definitions:

1. Seller: SUNDIAMORE Zbigniew Nastałek, Agrestowa Street 8A/15, 04-847
Warsaw, Taxpayer Identification Number 9521502826; "REGON" number 012829120
2.Buyer: Natural person or organization with full legal capacity or organization unit not having legal capacity who made ​​the order sale item using the Internet  at, by telephone or by e-mail.
3.Consumer: Natural person making legal action not directly related to it's business or professional activity.
4.Selling item: Each object placed on the website intended for sale with the specified price and description of its properties and characteristics like: material from which it is made​​, color, weight, hallmarks, used stones and their characteristics, hereinafter referred to as commodity.
5. Working day: Every day from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
6.Transport: Service delivery of the goods which provides an independent entity providing services deliveries.
7. Tax: The tax rate is 23%
8. Individual orders: Ordering sale item, which you need to create or change an existing according to the guidelines of the buyer. This includes the execution subtitles with engraving technology.
9. Wholesale buyer: A buyer who orders more than 3 items listed in the store.
10. Buying Wholesale: Buying more than three products exhibited in the shop by one buyer in one month.


Buyer has three ways to order. In each case must confirm your order by making a payment in advance by bank transfer or PayU form or PayPal.

1.The method of using the form on page

The most convenient and most efficient way that ensures fast and secure shopping.The buyer receives an e-mail reply message confirming your order.

2. By the phone.

Buyer may place an order by phone, giving data object placed on the website Buyer deciding to place an order by phone thus accepts the rules posted on the store.

3. By sending an e-mail to: and giving the data subject from the website with a clear indication that it is a product order. The buyer in this case, receives a response message of acceptance of an order. Buyers opting purchase by e-mail accepts the rules contained on the website

§3. Methods of payment

                  1. PayPal
                  2. PAYU
                  3. Bank Transfer
                  4. Postal transfer on seller adress

Seller begins execution of the contract after confiration of payment on account of seller or proof of payment for the order by the system PayU or PayPal. Start of delivery may take from 3 to a maximum of 14 working days. Individual realization of the contract lasts until the product is produced, about the expected date the buyer will be informed by the seller by e-mail.

Consignment is realized to the address indicated on the order form if the buyer has chosen this way of ordering. If the buyer has chosen to order by e-mail consignment will be made to the address given in the mail or in the case of a telephone order to address provided by the telephone. If the buyer wants a invoice we add it to the order having previously all the necessary data for the invoice.

1.Each order comes with a receipt.
2.If the buyer wants a invoice we add it to the order having previously all the necessary data for the invoice.
3.The cost of consignment and delivery which amounts 24 PLN pays the buyer.
4.Personal collection is possible after making an appointment. In this case the buyer does not pay the cost of delivery.
5.In the absence of a buyer, a representative of the company providing the service of delivery leaves information where and when you can pick it up yourself.
6.When the buyer receive the goods, the buyer is obliged to assess whether the consignment has not been damaged during transport. If the consignment is damaged and the buyer finds deficiencies, defects and traces not authorized to open, is obliged to refuse to accept the consignment and ask the representative of the company that provides service for protocol written explanation of the circumstances of injury and ask for description of its condition and so notify the seller immediately. Upon receipt of the report of estimation of the state and circumstances of damage the buyer is obliged to send the protocol to the seller to the address listed on the form, by e-mail or by telephone.
7.If the seller is unable to complete the contract because of unavailability of goods, shall promptly notify the buyer of this fact and reimburse all amount.


Within the existing regulations in Poland buyer has the full right to return the goods.

The consumer may, within 10 days of the receipt of goods, withdraw from the contract and return received goods if it is in perfect condition and in original packaging. For this purpose should make a appropriate written statement and send it to the address:
SUNDIAMORE, ul. Agrestowa 8A/15, 04-847 Warszawa

 1.Return of Goods can take place regardless of the form of payment.
 2.The consumer may return the goods within 10 days of receiving
 3.Return of goods can be made by insured consignment in the system of the Polish Post Paczka24 at the expense of the consumer.
 4.A notification of return goods must be made in writing and sent by registered mail to the address of the company that owns the online store. Buyers do not have to specify reason of the return, only details and a description of the object, which returns.
 5.For returned goods the buyer is obliged to attach a receipt or purchase invoice of the goods.
 6.Refund will take place within 14 days of receipt of the returned goods to the address of the company SUNDIAMORE.
 7.Refund will take place by the same way, which has been paid.


 8.It is the result of individual order.
 9.Has been damaged or converted by the consumer or by third parties.
 10.Passed the ten day period from the date of receipt of the goods by the consumer.
 11.It is the result of buying wholesale.


1.  A consumer who has entered into an agreement at a distance, may withdraw from it without giving reasons, making a statement in writing within ten days of purchase. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before its expiration. The statement must be sent to the following address: Ul. Agrestowa 8A / 15; 04-847 Warsaw.
2.  In case of withdrawal, the contract is considered void and the consumer is exempt from any obligations.What the parties evidenced, is returned unchanged.The return should take place without delay, not later than fourteen days.If the consumer has made any advance payments deserve from them the statutory interest from the date of prepayment.
3.  Service Provider / Seller will reimburse to the consumer the amount to indicated by the consumer's bank account number, unless the customer indicate other way.
4.  Deadline for ten days, during which the consumer may cancel the contract, shall be counted for the Sale Agreement from the date of giving the product, and when the contract deals with the provision of Electronic Services from the date of its conclusion.
5.  The right to withdraw from a distance contract is not granted to the consumer in cases of:
a) service started, with the consent of the consumer, prior to the deadline referred to above.
b)if the goods are the result of individual orders and execution of this order is in progress.
c)if the buyer is a wholesale buyer.


SUNDIAMORE products are covered by a 2 year warranty, so every consumer has the right to lodge a complaint.

1.The complaints may be made in various ways: in writing by sending to the address of the seller or by mail to the following e-mail:

2. The complaint should include:

a) name and and address of residence or business adress of the customer;
b)designation of the product being complaint and the date of purchase and the order number;
c)justification of the complaint;
d)determination of a claim against the seller;
e)signature of the person authorized to lodge a complaint - if you bring it in writing.

3.To claim the buyer is obliged to enclose evidence of the contract of sale, in particular: a receipt or an invoice.

4.The buyer is obliged to send the goods complaint to the address at our own expense.

5.If the complaint is comprised consumer, the seller corresponds to the complaint within 14 days counting from the first day of the receipt of the complaint item.


1.This Regulation shall enter into force on 01.10.2014r
2.The content of its components and rules are subject to change at any time, by the right of the seller, and on the basis of its decision. This does not change any contracts of sale until the changes and applies to all who have entered into such an agreement before the changes.

3. In cases not covered by this agreement, the provisions of the Civil Code are applicable laws.

4.If you have any comments regarding the operation of the store or you find any irregularities, please direct them to us by e-mail:

We wish everyone a successful shopping!!!:)