We gave some thought in our company to one issue which seems quite universal. Some persons even after a few or a dozen or so weeks after the marriage ceremony are stopping to wear their rings. A fact surprised us, that spouses,which are deciding to survive with themselves entire life, are putting the symbol of the virtue of its association off to the drawer. So we asked pairs which aren't wearing their rings this question, being a short time after the marriage ceremony. The reply was surprising.As it turned out after a few days of wearing, under the ring at them a reddening or an inflammatory condition appear. This reply induced us to the biggest changes in thinking about the production of rings. We changed our climb entirely and we designed everything completely anew! From now on ensuring the highest comfort in the use became our purpose. Not only selecting antiallergic additives to gold included it which are essential to get the determined purity of gold, for example popular in Poland '585 ′. We granted also appropriate shape, over our rings inside, which guarantees constant airing of the skin under the ring. This is called lenticular profiling.

   This year we already offer entirely new, lenticular profiled rings, which are unusually comfortable and luxurious in use! Satisfaction of our customers is confirming the rightness of changes in formulating new models and in the production. Confirmation for us and for all future spouses that tha choice of Sundiamore wedding rings is excellent!